An Invitation…..

We invite you to join us this Fall when we host Ian Clayton and Marios Ellinas. We have hosted Ian and Marios twice now. They have left us with a very real sense of the responsibility we must assume for our own maturity and a humbling realization that we limit Yahweh to our own understanding.  They continue to challenge and inspire our journeys into the Mysteries of God.

Ian has been trailblazing in the Heavenly Realms for decades. He vividly points the way with authenticity and provokes our mindsets, persistently drawing us back to relationship with Yahweh, the Holy Spirit and Yeshua, without whom none of this would be possible.  We are blessed that he so generously shares the paths he has found through Jesus with us.

Marios has an incredible anointing for Government and Leadership that harmonizes so strongly with Ian’s teachings. He walks with Honour and Honour walks with him. His passion for excellence and integrity are evident. We are honoured to have such dynamic and inspiring speakers.

Ian and Marios frame up deep wells of relationship with Yahweh that stir a hunger for more.

Our Next Conference

Here is what Ian and Marios have to say about our upcoming Conference

Ian Clayton

Ian’s heart in founding Son of Thunder was to have an avenue to put strategies and keys into believers’ hands to enable them to actively participate in the reality of the realms of God’s Kingdom and to experience the empowerment of life as the spirit beings we were created to be.

Through insights, equipping, and teaching and with practical biblical tools, Ian brings to reality the accessibility of the realms of Heaven, enabling the release of the potential within each person as a Son of God.

Marios Ellinas

Marios grew up on the island of Cyprus, where he served as a Green Beret in the Cypriot Special Forces. He studied history at the College of New Jersey and the University of Connecticut. Marios is known internationally as a motivational speaker, leadership consultant, and author.

He has published numerous inspirational books, including the best-sellers Weaponized Honor and Sexy Laundry; as well as two international suspense thrillers, The Trade (2016) and The Cargo (2017).

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We are really anticipating what Yahweh wants to do this weekend.

For two full days and one evening we will worship, be taught, experience activations, and share the journey we are on. Stated simply…..we cannot go back.

If you would like to know more about what we are doing